Summer Camps (2020) - On the Cloud!

For this special summer, we will hold our summer camp on the cloud, with a tremendous set of online programs!
The theme is "Around the World", during the 10 weeks summer break, there will be 5 sessions and we will take a virtual trip to 5 different countries, to learn its languages, books, music, landscapes, politics, religion, philosophy, and contemporary life.






Pre-K - G5

As we’re traveling around different countries, for every Camp Session, the Chinese class will set the country’s history as the background, we will read Chinese books about this country, we will tell idiom stories about this country, we will learn this country’s food, landscapes music and religions.


During 2 weeks’ learning, students will not only be introduced with the country’s history and culture, but also practice their Chinese literacy skills including listening, speaking, reading and writing.

English Reading

Pre-K - G5

In this fun and effective program, students will attend a face-to-face online class and choose books for their reading levels that will progressing as the learning goes. Our inspiring instructor will make sure every student is engaged and everyone's reading capability is growing.


All the books will be chosen based on students' reading level, and the level will grow as the students will.


We will be virtually travelling to every country with the help of many excellent (leveled) books!

English Writing

K - G5

In our English writing class, our Licensed English teacher will introduce basic writing elements to emerging writers (approximately kindergarten level), and more advanced writing skills and processes to beginning to fluent writers (grades K - 5). Students will be taught grammar skills and complement various topics. Students will participate in informative, narrative, and opinion writing compositions throughout the course. The course will improve students' prewriting and writing skills, address different writing genres and strategies, differentiate instruction for students of various writing levels

Public Speaking

K - G5

The purpose of this course is to develop students' public speaking skills and to master the language arts and charm of public speaking. Learn and practice voice and tone control, and use gestures and eye contact to engage the audience.


The interaction between the teacher and the students is lively and interesting, leading the students to express their ideas in a correct and confident way! The course not only increases the learning of English vocabulary, but also improves the ability and confidence of public speaking.


K - G5

Critical thinking and problem solving are two skills taught throughout our Math class. Rather than leaving students to ask, “When will I use this?”, key concepts are taught with real-world applications so connections are made early on. Songs, rhymes, videos, storybooks, and audio are used to teach and practice math skills in a fun and engaging way.


Kindergarten-Grade 2 focuses on building a strong number sense, addition and subtraction within 20, place value, measurement and shapes. kids will learn number theory, order of operations, value and meaning, math relationships, word problems, measurement (currency), geometry basics (shapes) and values. We will utilizes fun games to engage your younger child in learning math fundamentals.


Grades 3-5 introduce multiplication and division within 100, fractions, decimals, shapes, area, and volume etc.


Pre-K - G5

Students taking our Science courses will explore Earth, Life, and Physical Sciences through problem solving, experimentation, creating models, analyzing and interpreting data, engineering, and more! Students will engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate as they learn. We’ll build on their curiosity by teaching them to ask questions and search for evidence to learn about the world around them.


For Prek-G4 students, Students will build the foundation for science concepts and learn the basics of thinking and practicing like a scientist. 


For G4-G5 Students, Teacher will help them apply their knowledge of science concepts and engage in more in-depth science investigations and real-world applications.


5 years and up

Our Art class encourages students to feel confident in their own creativity and expression. In our program, students will learn real art techniques through modeling and connect them to master artists.; students will develop their observational skills as they learn how to critique art while making cultural connections with works from around the world. This lesson examines different approaches to art and how these expressions of culture are passed on from one generation to the next.


Each session includes: Specially-curated artwork from across time and cultures,  Art analysis activities, Creative art engagement activities, Video about the artwork with age appropriate worksheets, Thoughtful, creativity-inspiring art project designed for limited supplies.


Our licensed art teacher will guide you into learning about new cultures, whether about its politics, religion and philosophy, or contemporary life. Art can reflect a culture’s concerns and values. You and your kids will end up with a deeper appreciation for the art itself and the culture it represent.


7 years and up

Private and Group music lesson programs provide students of all ages a way to keep learning in the safety of your own home. 2-3 course per week instruction taught through our secure online technology by expert, background checked instructors – provided a fun and educational activity for every level of player!

Our Programs

Our Teachers (All Certified!)


During the 10 weeks of summer break, there will be 5 sessions and every session lasts 2 weeks:

Session 1: China 6/22 - 7/3

Session 2: Italy 7/6 - 7/17

Session 3: Spain 7/20 - 7/31

Session 4: South Africa 8/3 - 8/14

Session 5: India 8/17 - 8/28


For each registered Camp Session, campers will have 2 Classes in the morning + 2 Classes in the afternoon from campers' chosen Programs, and the 2 Programs can't be changed within the Session.


Each Session is independent and is not depend on the completion of other Sessions.


Morning Classes: Mon - Fri, 9:30 - 11:30 AM​

  • Chinese, 10 classes/session

  • English Reading, 10 classes/session



Afternoon Classes: Mon - Thu, 1:15 - 4:00 PM (Choose 2 Programs from the followings)​

  • English Writing, 4 classes/session

  • Public Speaking, 4 classes/session

  • Math, 4 classes/session

  • Science, 4 classes/session

  • Arts, 4 classes/session



       Cultures Party every Friday!


  • Enroll by the Camp Session


$398 for 28 Classes, 1 Session (2 weeks)

$379/Session, if registered for 2 - 3 sessions

$360/Session, if registered for 4 - 5 sessions


  • Enroll by the Program


To be more flexible, you can also enroll for your selected Programs:

  • Chinese, 10 classes for $188
  • English Reading, 10 classes for $114

  • English Writing, 4 classes for $114

  • Public Speaking, 4 classes for $114

  • Math, 4 classes for $114

  • Science, 4 classes for $114

  • Arts, 4 classes for $114

  • Piano, 4 classes for $114 (Group) or $220 (1Vs1 Private)



One time non-refundable registration fee is $25 for each camper.

Every sibling gets 5% off.

Refund Policy

No refund will be issued if a camper decides not to attend the program or leaves early for any reason.

A camper is only eligible for a full refund (less registration fee) if he/she is unable to attend camp due to medical reasons. A note from the physician must accompany the written request.

Click here to register.

If you have any question, please call us 347-536-6083 or 732-809-1133, email us

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