Introduce Our Chinese Programs

New Hope Learning Center is now offering online Chinese Programs for children between the age of 5 and 12. Your child can learn Chinese, transfer knowledge, become critical thinkers, and gain a global viewpoint from anywhere.

Chinese Language Program​ Group Class

  • Small-sized group: 6 - 8 students

  • 1-hour class

  • Schedule: 2 Classes/Week

Private/Semi-Private Class

  • 1V4 Class

  • 1V2 Class

Math in Chinese Program​

  • K - G5

  • 1 Class/Week

  • 45mins Class with max. 6 students




  • How do I know my kid's language level?

When you register, tell us what you know, such as: Cannot understand or speak, Knows a few words, Basic conversation, Fluent, etc. And in the first lesson, our teacher will assess it and design the curriculum pathway.

  • What's the difference between new and practice lessons?

We believe practice makes perfect, especially for language study. With new words, sentences and articles are introduced, the practice lesson will enforce students to reflect on what's learned, practice speaking and writing, as well as connect with real life.

  • What's a flexible schedule?

For the Chinese Language program, you can choose to meet twice or four times a week; for the Math program, you can choose either Mon & Wed or Tue & Thu.

  • How much Chinese must my child know for the Math program?

Students must be able to understand very simple Chinese sentences to take the Math class, and the language will also be reinforced in a mathematical manner.

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