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With the tremendous success of our online Summer Camp, New Hope Learning Center will continue providing online programs during the 2020 Fall! You can register for classes for weekdays, or weekends, or both!

Early Bird Discount. Register and pay before 8/31/2020, get 20% off for all our programs!

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Don't forget about checking details about our Chinese Programs, After School Programs, and "Read with Me" English Reading Program!

K - 5th Grade

Weekdays Program: 2 classes/week

Weekends Program: 1 class/week

With the reading program, your child will feel more confident while reading, and he/she will be more excited than ever to pick up a new book! The program will allow your child to read great books, build reading comprehension skills, and develop a love for reading. 


The reading program includes engaging classes taught by an expert language teacher. With lots of experience teaching young students online, our teachers know how to get everyone involved— every student participates, every student speaks, and every student’s voice is valued. In addition to their experience, each teacher has access to the highest quality online learning resources available, making your child’s learning experience invaluable.


In each class, the teacher guides students’ reading through leveled books that match your child’s ability while providing them with a slight challenge. Along with the guided reading practice, your child will have the opportunity to improve their critical reading skills through reading comprehension-building activities. Supplemental activities such as fun sight word games and phonics help build their language skills every week as well. We guarantee that your child will have a positive experience with the class; they will leave the class wanting to read and learn more.

K - 5th Grade

Weekdays Program: 2 classes/week

Weekends Program: 1 class/week

In our English writing class, our Licensed English teacher will introduce basic writing elements to emerging writers (approximately kindergarten level), and more advanced writing skills and processes to writers of varied fluency.


Students will be taught grammar skills and complement various topics. Students will participate in informative, narrative, and opinion writing compositions throughout the course. The course will improve students' prewriting and writing skills, address different writing genres and strategies. And The instruction will follow your child’s writing abilities.

K - 5th Grade

Weekdays Program: 1 class/week

Weekends Program: 1 class/week

The purpose of this course is to develop students' public speaking skills and to master the language arts and charm of public speaking. Learn and practice voice and tone control, and use gestures and eye contact to engage the audience.


The interaction between the teacher and the students is lively and interesting, leading the students to express their ideas in a correct and confident way! The course not only increases the learning of English vocabulary, but also improves the ability and confidence of public speaking.

Age 3+ PreK

Weekdays Program: 2 classes/week

Our Ready for K program is designed for Pre-K kids with pre-readers in mind. 

Your child will benefit greatly from our kindergarten readiness program since our “Ready for K” program is set up to teach students what they need to know for kindergarten and beyond. The lessons learned will help children develop an education foundation that will help them succeed in school and later in life.

Our high-quality activities build skills in a variety of areas, including pre-reading literacy, math foundation, creative expression, science, and socialization. The classes are interactive and engaging, with simple verbal directions, appealing graphics, and some great stories and music.

Age 5+

Kindergarten Language, Math, Science & more

Weekdays Program: 3 classes/week

Starting kindergarten is an exciting time for children and their families. Some experts consider kindergarten one of the most meaningful academic years since it helps set the stage for all the learning that will take place in the future.


Our kindergarten program provides initial learning experiences in language development, number concepts, creative skills, and social and physical growth. The kindergarten program is a language-rich experience for all. Students are introduced to basic reading skills through shared reading experiences, rhymes, poems, classic stories, and stories created by children. 


Our kindergarten lessons are designed by public school teachers with 15-30 years of experience and it will help your child build a solid foundation in math, language arts, and science. It also features many engaging activities that allow students to progress at their own pace as they have fun.

Age 4+

Weekdays & Weekends

Our Art class encourages students to feel confident in their own creativity and expression. In our program, students will learn real art techniques through modeling and connect them to master artists; students will develop their observational skills as they learn how to critique art while making cultural connections with works from around the world. This lesson examines different approaches to art and how these expressions of culture are passed on from one generation to the next.


Each session includes Specially-curated artwork from across time and cultures,  Art analysis activities, Creative art engagement activities, Video about the artwork with age-appropriate worksheets, Thoughtful, creativity-inspiring art project designed for limited supplies.

K - 5th Grade

Weekdays Program: 1 class/week

Weekends Program: 1 class/week

We will use a combination of Act Three, Gifted Math, and Singapore math curriculums

in our math classes. This course material primarily focuses on improving students’ critical thinking, problem-solving, and reasoning skills. 


Act three is a group mathematics curriculum consisting of three distinct parts: an engaging

and perplexing Act One, information and solution-seeking Act Two, and a solution discussion and solution revealing Act Three.


Why would we use this strategy?


  • It involves an engaging context for the use of mathematics and the development of mathematical understanding.

  • To reduce literacy demand.

  • To increase engagement and curiosity in mathematics 

  • To create low barriers for entry, allowing the teacher to scaffold as necessary.

  • It teaches children the importance of estimation and reasoning.

  • To offer opportunities to talk about mathematics.

  • To provide opportunities for reflective thought.

  • To build new knowledge from prior knowledge.

  • To encourage multiple approaches.

  • To honor diversity.

  • To create situations that require students to engage in mathematical modeling.

  • To build relational understandings among mathematics concepts.

  • To shift student ideas about the justification of thinking and answers.​

K - 5th Grade

Weekdays Program: 1 class/week

Weekends Program: 1 class/week

Students taking our Science courses will explore Earth, Life, and Physical Sciences through problem-solving, experimentation, creating models, analyzing and interpreting data, engineering, and more! Students will engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate as they learn. We’ll build on their curiosity by teaching them to ask questions and search for evidence to learn about the world around them.


For Prek-G2 students, Students will build the foundation for science concepts and learn the basics of thinking and practicing like a scientist. 


For G3-G5 Students, Teacher will help them apply their knowledge of science concepts and engage in more in-depth science investigations and real-world applications.

Age 4+

Weekday & Weekend Options

Private and Group music lesson programs provide students of all ages a way to keep learning in the safety of your own home. 2-3 course per week instruction taught through our secure online technology by expert, background checked instructors – provided a fun and educational activity for every level of player!

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