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Our Instructors Teams

Mrs. Lisa
Mrs. Lisa is certified TCSL (Teaching Chinese as a Second Language) teacher, who is not only experienced but also beloved by many families.

Mrs. ChingChing
Mrs. ChingChing is certified Montessori teacher who also has many years of experience of teaching
Chinese. She is very good at motivate students with different teaching skills.

Ms. Nancy
Ms. Nacy has over 20 years experiences teaching at the public school. She has devoted herself into the
career of teaching, especially in English Reading, English Writing and Public Speaking. She is confidence, passionate and thoughtful, and always build strong and caring relationships with students.

Mr Paul

Full- time English teacher in public school over 25 years, Mr. Paul a true passion for working with the youngest learners. Helping each child progress in all areas of their development—academic, social, language, and moto. 

Ms. Jane
Ms. Jan is a English Teacher who has been taught in the public school for over 15 years. She is very good at
appreciating student's uniqueness, therefore every student can get a tailored guidance. Ms. Jan works
hard with her thoughtfulness, and endorsed by the schools and parents.

Ms. Kara 

Full-time English teacher in public school, Ms.Kara has rich and diverse teaching experience and has worked in

public schools, private schools, non-profit educational institutions, etc. She is good at improving students' thinking, reading and writing ability and guiding students to improve innovation ability and problem solving ability in exploring

Ms. Cher
Working in one of the top public schools, Ms. Cher has very solid teaching skills with strong logic
thinking and ability to seize the essence. She is so fun that students never find learning math is boring, she
is so good at motivation that every student can grow in her class.

Ms. Kristin

Ms. Kristine has taught Math and Science in the public school for many years. She emphasizes self-motivation, teaches in an innovation way and connect learning with student's life. She makes sure students can finish their assignments on time, and loves to communicate with every student.

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